Doomed From The Beginning

by Toxic Carnage



Doomed From The Beginning is the debut album of the Brazilian Thrashers Toxic Carnage. It mixes the Teutonic thrash intensity with the Brazilian sonority. Recommended to true thrash fans


released June 8, 2019

Produced by Ivan Kveirinha and Toxic Carnage
Recorded and Mixed by Ivan Kveirinha at Studio 3 between September 2018 and April 2019
Mastered by Rafael Augusto Lopes at Casanegra Studio in May 2019
Artwork by Eduardo monteiro

All songs by Toxic Carnage


all rights reserved



Toxic Carnage Mairinque, Brazil

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Track Name: L.O.D.
She killed those nazi bastards
No mercy
No fears
Ucranian lady of death
She doesn’t wanna be a nurse
Wanted to kill those nazi pest

Nobody will tell her what she could do for help
Because no one needs a dick to end with tiranny
Killing facists on her sight, nazi can’t control your mind
Even a mortar can’t stop her
Lady of death
Ucranian pride
Her deeds of glory
Resist the time

No mercy
No fears
Ucranian lady of death
She doesn’t wanna be a nurse
Wanted to kill those nazi pest
With a rifle on her hand
She killed the high command
Facism will not stand
On this furious lady home land

Track Name: Barbaric Terror
A cavalry
Hungry for death
Is coming to your lands

Spreading hate
With their bloody blades

Burning everything in sight

They don’t believe in useless gods

Masters of killing
There's no false gods to give their lives
Bow to your knees
Surrender your souls to the barbaric terror

Heads will roll
Blood in their swords
Announces their evil plans

Living for the screams of pain

Treating lives as a bag of flesh

This evil horde
Kills and plunders
Leaving their brutal traces
Track Name: The Beast Inside Me
There´s a beast inside me
I think its only one
But maybe are 666

Sometimes it has a face
It’s a woman from the past
Sometimes is an old nightmare

It feeds my soul
It fires my sadness
It´s a hellish flame in my mind
Barking to the thunder light
Crying in the stormy night
It´s the black church bell

Don´t answer the Ouija’s call
Don´t touch the chalice of the Priest
It´s the mad shaman’s funeral
Dark chorus singing

Feed the beast inside me

Satan calls
I hear his voice
He’s calling from the realm of the dead

Satanic force
Consumes the earth
I'll burn this place under the devil's command

The evil lord
Screams for vengeance
A shade of terror appears from the mist

Enlights the night
Brinstone announces the arrival of the Beast

Kill the priest, feed the beast of heresy
Spill the virgin's blood, unholy sacrifice
Evil exorcism possesses my shattered soul
The devil is in control of my twisted mind
Track Name: Biological Attack
Thousands of dead, putrid smell in the air
Infected lives try to run
An invisible virus annihilates the weak
The madness has just begun

Death is so slow, your body goes cold
Screams of pain drive you mad
Kids spiting blood, they will die for sure
This is the day of the dead

Killing our brains, poison in our veins
State of emergency
The day has come, nowhere to run
Survivors will face the end

Sentenced to hell, It seems Like a spell
Mankind has been destroyed
We all have lost, total holocaust
Bombs of death will explode

Cancer spreads
Death is a matter of time
Science for evil
Progress is our only crime

Terror spreads
Life is reduced to ash
Life ends slowly
Biological Attack
Track Name: Speed Demons
Lightning strikes, blows up your head
Demons are wandering in the night , its the dawn of the dead

Terror spreads, there's nowhere to hide
Praying for your soul will not help you now, it's time to die

You came
This far
But today
Judgement day takes our lives

Show their fists
Stand up and fight with the beast

Gates of hell will open tonight
Troops oh hades will not stop
Until they conquer the earth

Butchering as fast as the speed of our sound
Speed metal returns to command
Track Name: Diabolic Possession
Hellhound in the night
Cerberus, the Satan’s guide
Legions of evil rise
Unholy forces
Satanic might

Raw energy
Infects the lands
Skies get dark
Light fades

Possession starts
Blood turns black
Your mind erases
You'll rot in hell

Diabolic possession
Evil spirits take control
Diabolic possession
Diabolic possession

The evil tyrant
Now reigns on earth
The soil will be
Covered with blood

The gates of heaven
Were crushed with hate
The flaming axe
Rips Jesus face

While your body
Starts to rot
You'll be a slave
Perish with your god

Now you live
Chained in hell
With Satan’s cock
Inside your ass
Track Name: Victims Of Science
Cancer in our plates, poison in the air
Evil science everywhere
Thousands will die for a few
Something doesn't want us to live

Climatic changes caused in the labs
But nature will be blamed again
Experiments against human lives
Science will kill all humankind

We are not the owners
We're the parasites
We are not the owners
Progress commands our way of life

Victims of science
Progress doesn't mean a thing at all

Biological weapons created to kill
Spreading death through the air
Animal testing for greed
Brutality to satisfy your needs

We are not the owners
We're the parasites
We are not the owners
Progress commands our way of life

Victims of science
Progress doesn't mean a thing at all
This way, world will burn

Improvements for us
But who will live to see this lust?
Knowledge kills faster than hate
Killing the masses with their brains

Modern warfare
A painful future lies ahead
Does it worth the price?
Our future doesn't look so nice

Progress doesn't mean a thing at all
Track Name: Violence And Beer
Thrash metal in the night
Bangers gathered here to fight
A lot of bottles to the ground
We came to hear a heavy sound

Guitars ripping off your ears
Inviting you to circle pit
Drums are sounding even faster
Give us fabulous disaster

Violence and beer

If you don't have ability
Beer will give you insanity
Slam ‘till your arms drop
This is the way of life we love

Posers will be not allowed
Beat that fucking poser down
Head bangers are all around
Fighting for the underground

Violence and Beer

Raise your beer,
Thrash with rage
Violently mosh
Against the stage

If you jump
Into the crowd
Your insane brothers
Won't let you fall
Track Name: Psycho Shredder
An insane murderer
Scares the town
Merciless killer
Panic around

A hundread of victims
The blacklist grows
Corpses deformed
Covered with blood

Walking alone
You're such a fool
You better start running
He is coming for you

Your blood spill
Like never before
Your life ends here
He shows no remorse

Psycho shredder comes
You fear his name
A bloody slaughter
Toxic carnage

He'll slice your throat
And break your neck
Another victim
Faces the death

You're shocked with fright
He drinks your blood
You feel his knife
You’re sweating cold

You try to run
No place to hide
Death will be certain
You won't survive

He stabs your back
And kills with hate
You'll go to hell
He seals your fate

Psycho shredder comes
You fear his name
A bloody slaughter
Toxic carnage

No mercy
No pity
Slowly you die

Your vision
Gets cloudy
Fear drives your mind

No mercy
No pity
Slowly you die

Your vision
Gets cloudy
Fear drives your mind
Track Name: Living On Parole
Ten times on jail
I dont care animore
Guards on the prison treat like i have been here before

Killers on the loose
You call me speed freak
Riding on my motorcicle and smoking my weed

We are metalheads
Playing rock and roll
Breaking all the rules on earth

This is an outlaw life

Aways being chased

I cannot be caught until

I complete my revenge

Speed is flowing in my veins
I’m born for the road
Addicted to the wrong with evil in my blood

No masters allowed

We dont have control

Let the madness flow and then

Living on parole

Yeah, I’m living on parole baby

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