Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers

by Toxic Carnage

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Charles Collins
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Charles Collins Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers is a fantastic split that is sure to please any fan of aggressive, Straightforward Thrash Metal. Toxic Carnage and Merciless Disaster kill it on this release. Favorite track: Barbaric Terror.


Split cd with Merciless Disaster


released May 5, 2015



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Toxic Carnage Mairinque, Brazil

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Track Name: Age of Damnation
years of decay
await us as we try to bring the balance to our poisoned lands

an age of damnation
will come to charge the price of our evil and greedy intents

tears of blood moisten the land
mankind falls by ignorance
we are stepping into a point of no return

there's no gods, there's no saints
religion brings us pestilence
salvation will not come by the hands of god

religious acts
makes us fight with ourselves and forget our real enemies
destructive facts
reminding that our real lives are falling into an endless abyss
Track Name: Barbaric Terror
a cavalry
hungry for death
is coming to your land

spreading hate
with their bloody blades

burning everything in sight

no beliefs in useless gods

masters of killing
there's no false gods to give their lives
bow to your knees
surrender your souls for the barbaric terror

heads will roll
Blood in their swords
announces their evil plans

Living for the screams of pain

treating lives as a bag of flesh

this Evil horde
kills and plunders
leaving their brutal traces
Track Name: Victims of Science
cancer in our plates, poison in the air
evil science everywhere
thousands will die for a few
something doesn't want us to live

climatic changes caused in the labs
but nature will be blamed again
experiments against human lives
science will kill all humankind

we are not the owners
we're the parasites
we are not the owners
progress commands our way of life

victims of science
progress doesn't mean a thing at all

biological weapons created to kill
spreading death through the air
animal testing for greed
brutality to satisfy your needs

we are not the owners
we're the parasites
we are not the owners
progress commands our way of life

victims of science
progress doesn't mean a thing at all

improvements for us
but who will live to see this lust?
knowledge kills faster than hate
killing the masses with their brains

modern warfare
a painful future lies ahead
does it worth the price?
our future doesn't look very nice

progress doesn't mean a thing at all
Track Name: Merciless Disaster - Whiplasher
She was so pretty
She was so nice
I just meet her months ago
(She) looks like a good girl
The first of the class
I only think in her ass

We have a good times
She said I’m hot
And wants to fuck with me

I said yes, we go to her bedroom
But she makes me wait
When she shows up had
A very sexy outfit of leather and chains


She said you’ll be my victim tonight
And she tied my hands
I cannot lie you, I enjoyed her pussy
But she takes me by surprise
She said there no rules tonight
Just make to scream!
I was possessed by dominatrix
(Out) Out of my mind
She loves bondage and pain
Now it’s my turn!
Track Name: Merciless Disaster - Speed Metal Revenge
They go out in the night in black
leather and spikes and their silver knifes
we're going to take your life!!
They ride big motorcycles
They fight without mercy
They need more speed
Make you taste our steel

Speed Metal Revenge! (x3)

All metal maniacs will rule this town
All those false prophets will be burn
When Rock’ n’ roll takes control

Speed Metal Revenge! (x3)